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Making the decision to come into therapy can be a very frightening concept for most people. I understand this line of thinking, and I am humbled tremendously at the bravery demonstrated by most who have shared their most private stories with me throughout my years as a mental health therapist.

I genuinely believe that the therapy moment between client and therapist is considered a most sacred moment and what each client reveals to me in each session, is treated with the utmost respect, value, and honor.

I take great measures to ensure complete confidentiality for all that I serve--and it is my job to exhibit that from the moment that each person walks through my office door. Nothing goes out of my office without my client's expressed signed release of information.

However, each is always told at intake at what point I am obligated to break our confidentiality, as I will not support any harm coming to my clients or anyone else. I tell every client that I serve that if they are not feeling honored, respected, or valued by me, then “fire me.”

Developing a rich therapeutic alliance where good work may be accomplished takes time. We will take a close walk together where my main goal in serving is

  • To assist you in providing a wellspring of hope
  • A return to joy
  • A well-developedsense of self and reality
  • A strong development of self-acceptance and love
  • Internal peace to keep moving forward in developing personal growth and potential—eventually never needing me again—as it is never what I do that makes things better—it is what I help you find inside of you that will carry you on in your future.

I believe in resiliency, potential, and purpose. Sometimes, we all need a little more direction than others and a safe, protected place to figure it all out is what I will always provide. My joy will be your success. Come let us walk together.